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Learn from our internationally qualified parkour coaches. The classes follow a structured warm up followed by technical drills to fire up those neurons and get the body learning new skills. The functional training form of George Herbert’s methode Naturelle will condition your body to be strong and  to endure. Our classes end with a breathing and stretching set to centre the mind and rejuvenate the muscles. 

Parkour is for everyone. Every skill level, every fitness level, and every age.

Each person challenges themselves to the best of their ability be it technical, conditioning or flexibility. Learn to jump, land, fall and trick.


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What is Parkour

Parkour, also known as Freerunning or le Arte du Displacement, is the practice and expression of human movement in and through an environment that is both functional, as in useful, and expressive. Parkour started as le Arte du displacement in France by a group of 9 friends who called themselves Yamakasi, which means ‘strong man, strong spirit’. Practitioners are called a traceur (man) or a traceus (woman). The freedom of parkour is earned through challenging oneself to explore an environment through progressive physical and mental challenges that lead to overall growth and development of the individual.


Parkour is a term coined from the French word ‘Parcour’ which means ‘Obstacle course’. Parkour is a movement-based discipline. The object of training parkour is to overcome any obstacle in one’s path, or to cross any terrain, as quickly and effectively as possible using only one’s personal physical abilities. Beneath this surface-layer description it carries with it powerful concepts of challenge, exploration, adaptation, self-reliance, health and strength – both physical and mental.

All Journeys start with the first step.


A class for the 5-10yr olds.
This class is focused learning the technical drills
through games to encourage fitness
and growth.


Come have a Jam.
This is a class for all ages
aimed at fun, games and creative movement.
For the social fitness friend.


For your serious parkour athlete.
Learn all you need to know about parkour,
how to achieve high performance levels,
quality of movement, and the spirit parkour.
For any questions you might have

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